Visa Assistance

Visa Assistance

We provide our students with full visa assistance and guide them to make the best career choice. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest visa information and changes.

Educon Global assists students in the entire visa application process – preparing the application, analysing the documents and submitting permit application. After submitting your request for visa processing, we keep a track of your request also. We are well trained in guiding you through the visa application process.

Student Visa Assistance Consists Of:

Planning The Visa Applications
Checking Work Experience Documents
Lodging The Visa Application On Behalf Of The Student
Staging Of Visa File And Ensuring That It Meets All The Visa Requirements
Scrutinizing Of Financial And Academic Documents
Measurement Of Overall Financial Requirements Including Living Cost
Continuing Follow Up Program With High Commission Regarding Status Of File

We are dedicated to helping our students prepare for their visa interviews where required through one-on-one counseling. As a reliable consultancy, we take a note of each and every point while interviewing and evaluating student’s profile before filing the documentation.

We guide you with the proper information about the visa application process as per the country and course you have chosen. We ensure to keep updated with the policy changes and can help solve any problems that may arise in the future. For more information regarding visa assistance procedures, contact us today to book your free consultation.

Admission Guidance

The admission to a foreign university is a multifaceted process that leads to a lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. Even a smallest mistakes or an error in the application process can lead to rejection.

In order to obtain admission into a university one needs adequate guidance, knowledge and information about the university admission processes unique to that university and the country. At Educon Global, we make every possible effort to make student’s admission process into an international university simple and smooth. We thoroughly work on students’ applications, elaborating on strengths and explanation of weaknesses.

At Educon, we assess the student’s English skills and send our suggestions/recommendations to select Universities for admission. We follow up with the selected Universities to help a speedy and positive response. We also help students with exhaustive brochures, CD’s and application forms.

We also offer personalized attention to the student’s applications, ensuring that the submission of an error free and well presented application.

Adequate presentation and documentation of the error-free application usually acts as the deciding factor for student getting the Offer Letter or not.

We Offer The Following Procedures For Admission:

Provide the students with the Application Form
Make students understand the procedure of completeing the form
Provide the details of the documents required
Preparing the written documents: SOP (Statement of Purpose), Resumes
Prepare all the sealed and rightly addressed Envelope packets
Sending the application online or via post
Tracking delivery of your application to University/college

Educon offers free consultation to students looking at studying abroad, so contact us today and speak to one of our experienced consultants.