Got a question? Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions below or send us a message or email and one of our agents will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

1. Where can I stay when studying abroad?

Educon Global can assist students with accommodation, either on campus or in homestay. Please note that if a student is under 18, it is compulsory to live in homestay and not on campus as per university or educational institution policies. It is important that all applicants arrange accommodation well in advance.

Contact Educon today for more information on campus and homestay accommodation at your international university or educational institution.

2. How long does an application take once submitted?

Once a student has submitted their completed application to Educon, it can take from a week to 4 weeks to hear back from the University. When an offer has been received, Educon will inform the student immediately.

3. What are the commencement dates?

There are two intakes for most universities, one being January/February and the other being in August/September. Three intakes are possible depending on which University/College you decide to attend and which course you will follow.

4. What is the duration of a course?

The duration of the course varies but usually most courses are 3 – 4 years. (Excluding medicine!)

5. What do I need to know about Overseas Student HealthCover/Medical Insurance?

Health Cover / Medical Insurance requirements vary on the destination of your desired University/College? When applying for a student visa, you are required to arrange Overseas Health Cover before your arrival in any country and maintain cover for the full duration of your study. This is a basic health insurance equivalent to medical aid cover in the country of choice and covers emergency and medical conditions, public hospitals and most of the costs to visit a doctor. Please note that if a student has a pre-existing illness, this may not be covered, and additional cover for private hospitals and supplementary services such as dental, optical and physiotherapy is available at an additional cost.

6. Can I work while I study?

Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20hrs/week in UK & Australia but in USA students are only allowed to work on their University campus. Students are allowed to work full time during their holiday period provided they are not going back home for the holidays.

7. Are scholarships / bursaries available?
Please note that some universities offer partial scholarships, some will give partial ones, like 1, 2, or $5000 off the fees but very seldom offer full scholarships. You have to be able to pay the majority of your fees at least.
8. What if I don't have the grades to study overseas?
There are private companies that have gone into partnership with top universities and these companies offer pathways and foundation programmes which provide students with a way into a university if they have missed direct entry, Educon will be happy to assist you with this process.
9. What is Educon's consultation fee?
Please note that we do not charge a consultation fee. Educon charges an administration fee only once the student has picked a course and university to apply to.